925day was the best material for flexible shape.
It was made with painstaking efforts to wear comfort.
The creative lines and details of the 925day of the day
are altered to suit the wearer's body over time.

Therefore, it gives users more comfortable wear.
It is our goal to make individual personality distinctions,
not to define style. I want you to feel the charm of silver.


engraved free bangle

engraved free bangle

  • 55,000원
  • 60,000원
angulate chain necklace

angulate chain necklace

  • 25,000원
  • 30,000원
silver chain bracelet(medium)

silver chain bracelet(medium)

  • 38,000원
  • 43,000원
925 day,925day is premium silver jewelry brand
Pursue a product that is faithful to the basics and modern design
I want you to feel the charm of silver
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